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Introduction to Stealth

This tutorial covers a broad range of issues related to the application of signature reduction, both active and passive, to improved mission survivability. Stealth for surface and airborne platforms is addressed.

Author Information: 

David Lynch is a Life Fellow IEEE, Hyland Fellow, Life Member Sigma Xi, an elected Stealth Pioneer, and an AIAA Senior Member. He has written Introduction to RF Stealth (SciTech Publishing) and Radar Handbook, Chapter 5, 3rd ed. (McGraw Hill). He has many US and foreign patents in the fields of electric machinery, radar, stealth and signal processing. He has been involved in the development of many stealth programs including: Have Blue, Tacit Blue, Sea Shadow, F-22, A-12, B-2, AGM-129, and others. He has taught well over 100 courses in radar, signal processing, stealth, air defense, naval weapons, circuit design, electrical machinery, CAD, and management. He was a former executive at General Motors Hughes holding various titles including Vice Chairman, President, Vice President, etc. of the company or subsidiaries.
The web link to purchase his stealth book is:
SciTech Publishing Inc.
911 Paverstone Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27615

Tutorial Outline: 
  • Introduction
  • Active & Passive Signature Notions
  • Radar/Ladar Cross Section
  • Materials & Shaping
  • Dihedrals
  • Edge Treatment
  • Radiation Absorbing Materials (RAM)
  • Circuit Analogs (CA) to Bulk Materials